If at any point in your meeting you would like an Audience member to present to all Participants using the meeting's whiteboard, you can grant them granular in-room permission to this feature - without giving them administrative access to the session.

Here's how to grant Presentation permission:

  1. Click the Participants icon.

  2. Look for your Audience member on the list. If you have many Participants, you can also use the search function at the top of the Participants panel.

  3. Once you've located the participant, click the three dots (…) next to their name.

  4. Select the Give presentation permission option. Once access is granted, users can open and control content within the meeting, and a presentation icon will appear next to the Audience member’s name.

  5. Once the Audience member has received this permission, a pencil icon will appear on the left-hand sidebar menu. The Audience member can click on it to have access to the whiteboard.

  6. Once the Audience member finishes his or her presentation, you can remove their presentation permission by clicking the three dots (...) next to their name and selecting Remove presentation permission.

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