Here’s how to locate browser logs in Google Chrome while using Cloudpresenter:

  1. Open the main Chrome menu on the top-right of your browser (3 vertical dots). Choose More Tools and then select Developer Tools.

Google Chrome Developer Tools

2. You may need to select Network or Console tabs, depending on which log(s) we might have asked you for. For example, here is where to find the Console log:

console log

3. Right-click inside of the screen outlined in orange and choose Save as. Your browser will prompt you to save a .log file. Attach this .log file in your reply to our support team.

4. (Optional) If support asks you to enable the DevTools for a popup window, you can do that as follows:

  1. Open Developer Tools as shown above.

  2. Go to the Settings page.

  3. Please scroll all the way down to select Auto-open DevTools for popups (don’t forget to disable it when you are done troubleshooting!)

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