Other Cloudpresenter mobile app features include:

HD Video & Audio

Crystal clear and lag-free video is presented in Cloudpresenter for mobile devices on a desktop browser.

Search Box Functionality

Find a search box in the Participants panel allowing mobile users to quickly search for a specific participant.

Share Screen, Files & Polls

View shared presentations, documents, video files, image files, and participate in polls right in your mobile meeting.


Whiteboard viewing is supported on mobile. Whiteboard drawings—including those drawn over another piece of content—can be viewed in real-time on mobile devices.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Read, sort, and filter Q&As. Queuing for live answers and requesting a public vote are also supported. Creating and editing Q&As, making all questions public, and giving Live Answers to questions being asked is possible if permission to answer questions is granted. Finally, participate in Q&A in English, Spanish, Italian, Danish, and Russian languages.

Breakout Rooms

Mobile presenters can participate in Breakout Rooms that are started by another presenter. It's easy to move them over to these rooms to participate in assigned group work and bring them back to the main room when the work sessions are complete.

Leave/End session

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